A vetted wedding ceremony script and personal guidance from a full-time pro.

First time? No problem. Now you can officiate that wedding with complete confidence. 

You’re nervous.

A bit overwhelmed by it all, to be honest.

Worried about messing this up and reflecting badly on your couple. They’re trusting you with this!

So frankly, you’re not feeling great about copying and pasting your script together wherever on the Internet.

But so far, that’s been the only best option!

Because the alternative is not good either: staring at a blinking cursor and a blank screen and trying to think of something to write from scratch? No way! How are you supposed to know what will work and what won’t if you’ve never done this before?

Good news: I know what works and what doesn’t, because I’m a full-time pro who does this every weekend. And I want to share with you my very own wedding script!

That’s right: I’ll send you my own full professional wedding script (including a full couple’s story!) and jump on a 1-on-1 coaching call to help you with the details of your final draft – as soon as you like!

Use my wording, adapt it, tweak it, copy it, swap in your couple’s names.

Next thing you know: you’ve got a vetted, professional ceremony script that works – with nothing more to be worried about. And you get all the credit!

My full pro script + coaching call comes in three parts:

I send you the full wedding ceremony script that I use.

It’s my very own exact script with main options for different wedding elements – plus a real wedding story for your reference! Just plug in the names of your couple. And you have my full blessing to copy and paste and adapt any part of my script.

I read over your full ceremony draft.

I’ll give your script a close professional treatment. I’ll be looking for how it flows between transitions, for the “talk-ability” of your word choice, for matters of style in the ceremony elements, and for the overall length of time the ceremony will take.

I call you for our half-hour, 1-on-1 coaching conversation.

We’ll talk over your ceremony draft start to finish. I’ll coach you on any potentially tricky spots, and we’ll make some time for you to ask any questions you have at all… so you can absolutely crush your upcoming ceremony.

“But Mark, will you be able to read my draft and fit in a call with me over the next, like, two days? With no warning?”

100% yes. Officiating and coaching is all I do, all week long. I make time for it.

I always follow up with my first-time-officiant coaching clients. Here are a few of their rave Monday-morning reviews:

“Mark, the ceremony was amazing. The bride and groom were over the moon with the ceremony and were so pleased with the personal touches. I had a number of friends approach me afterwards saying that the ceremony was personal, touching, very much like the couple, and that I looked like a professional. Even the groom's parents were pleased with it, which was huge because they wanted a religious ceremony at the beginning of this journey. All in all, I felt great, and I am so happy that I had your coaching in pulling it together. It was a wonderful experience for me, and for the couple. Thank you so much!!”

— Dana, Friend of the Bride & First-Time Officiant

“Mark, I spent the whole reception of my daughter's wedding getting compliments for the ceremony I created from your coaching. Many people told me it was the best wedding ceremony they’ve ever witnessed. And I got 4 offers to perform weddings for other couples when the time comes. All were shocked that this was my first wedding officiating. It was the best gift I could give my daughter and her new husband. Thank you again for the amazing coaching!”

— Glen, Father of the Bride & First-Time Officiant

“Mark, I appreciate your time and help which pulled the ceremony together for me at the last minute. Your joke about not forgetting to take pics of the groom was a great start and got a big laugh. Broke the ice marvellously. One person said she had been to many weddings this year and my performance was the best one. Another of the many people who didn't know it was my first time officiating commented that they couldn't believe it was my first time doing this. It was a great experience. And, if I ever need to perform another ceremony, I know I'll be able to. Your coaching made an overwhelming thing seem doable by breaking things down into simple steps.”

— Tom, Best Friend of the Groom & First-Time Officiant

“It was perfect. Everyone was telling me I need to start a new career as an officiant. Thank you so much for your help and support! I definitely felt well prepared and confident.”


In the end, you’ll have:

A tight, professionally-vetted ceremony in your hand on the big day. You won’t wonder if it’s good. You’ll know it’s good.

A ceremony template you can re-use and adapt for every future wedding you’re asked to officiate. (Because there’s nothing scarier than a blank screen and a blinking cursor on a deadline. And trust me, you will get asked to officiate again… so just use the script again!)

The confidence that you’ll be capable of overseeing all the components of the wedding day. Weddings have a ton of moving parts, a hundred protocols, and a dozen or more people looking to you for answers on the wedding day. But you’ll be ready because you and I talked all about it.

Plus, my help is guaranteed.

If you think that my full pro script and coaching, well… didn’t help, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. You don’t pay for something you didn’t get!

“Mark, I am so grateful for your assistance. Oh and yes, I did kill it! I had two couples ask me to do their wedding afterwards. One wants to fly me to Italy! The bride sent me screenshots of text message from friends loving the ceremony. I got laughs where I didn’t think I would, and people knew the couple’s story when I started it and just start laughing early. Got both moms to cry. Success! Thanks again. Wouldn’t have been the same without your guidance.”

— Chad, Friend of the Groom & First-Time Officiant

“Mark, thanks so much for all your assistance. Your wisdom really made the day awesome! The couple and I laughed, and many at the wedding said it was the most 'fun and engaging officiant' they had ever listened to! Also, I had FOUR couples ask me to do their upcoming weddings! I am still getting comments via email this morning: 'you nailed it, you're incredible!' Your method was amazing. Thanks so much for all you do to help us make the couple's beginnings meaningful!”

— Eric, Newly-Ordained Minister & Wedding Officiant

“It went exceptionally well! There were laughs, tears and many who said, 'Well done!' and 'That's the best ceremony I've ever been to!' I even had a comment from a guy whose mom is a pro officiant - he said it was better than any of hers. Safe to say the bride and groom were ecstatic - people thought I was a paid pro! Thank you SO much for your services - you made it all simple, calculated, and stress-free!”

— Matt, Friend of the Groom & First-Time Officiant


My exclusive 3-page guide for exactly how to write your couple’s love story in 3 painless steps.

My exclusive 15-minute training video where I walk you through my method of crafting your officiant speech.

Risk-free, guaranteed scripting and coaching from a proven professional.

Pro Script + Coaching Call

USD $159.00

  • My full professional wedding ceremony script becomes your full professional wedding ceremony script.
  • I read over your adapted ceremony script from start to finish.
  • I call you on the phone for a 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching conversation.
  • BONUS! Exclusive Love-Story Writing Guide
  • BONUS! Exclusive Officiant Speech Training Video
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