The proven system for first-time wedding officiants to write a fun, moving ceremony and deliver one of the best weddings ever – with total confidence.


No more anxiety, no more frustration, no more wondering what the heck to say or do – or when to say or do it.

Now you can have the wedding ceremony system that’s helping hundreds of new and first-time wedding officiants all over the world totally crush it like a pro.

UNBORING!OFFICIANT is Mark Allan Groleau’s premium A-to-Z online video training course for wedding officiants + all the tools, scripts, coaching, and community you’ll ever need to serve up the best-ever ceremony on your first time and even develop your own professional officiating practice.

This is the only full online video training program that teaches students all over the world how to become unboring wedding officiants using a proven, professional system that will wow your couple and thrill their guests.

‘You in?


Just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Write your couple’s love story in less than three hours with a proven formula. It’s the centrepiece of the wedding and will leave everyone raving that it was the “best ceremony ever!”

  • Collecting too much information from your couple means drowning in information; getting too little means having nothing to work with. Five simple questions are the sweet spot for the ultimate officiant speech.

  • What you need to do the moment something unexpected happens in the ceremony. Say this and rescue the moment. Don’t, and everyone will feel uncomfortable.

  • What never to do in the wedding rehearsal. (If you get this wrong, your couple and their wedding party won’t trust you nearly as much.)

  • Write and edit your script with Google docs. Sharing an online document together reduces email fatigue and text-message clutter for you and your couple.

  • Asking your couple a dozen or even half-a-dozen questions is too many. My simple 5-question survey means you get all the data you need to write your couple’s incomparable love story.

  • Use the Unboring!Officiant method and write a guaranteed incredible ceremony in 6 writing sessions instead of weeks. From your planning meeting to your final draft, 6 concise sit-downs will save you hours of guesswork.

  • If you’re nervous about something going wrong during the ceremony, this is the one thing you can do to rescue the moment.

  • The perfect unboring wedding ceremony means multiple meetings and time-consuming conversations with your couple, right? Wrong!

  • The truth about wedding vows. It’s not rocket science, and your couple only needs these three options and one fill-in-the blank.

  • The single most important piece of advice to give everyone who is walking down the aisle.

  • How to get everyone laughing with your opening remarks about photos whether your couple allows photos or not!

  • Three things to tell your couple in their ceremony planning session to skyrocket their trust in you from that moment to their wedding day.

  • The sneaky secret about interviewing your couple that most officiants don’t know. It will unlock the magic in their love story the way nothing else can.

  • Better than a canned script. A single meeting using my proven spreadsheet allows you to build the ultimate custom ceremony with your couple.

  • What never to wear as an officiant (if you don’t want your couple to resent your fashion choice for their wedding).

  • Do you know the 10 details to look for and practice at the wedding rehearsal? They’ll make or break the ceremony.

  • The reasons why you need to read your entire script out loud before the wedding. Don’t, and you’ll never catch these three crucial blindspots.

  • The secret to breaking the ice with the guests and getting them all on your side from the moment you start talking in the ceremony.

  • Do you know the key details you need to check when you arrive to guarantee that the ceremony runs smoothly?

  • The Four Proven Parts of an Unboring Officiant Speech

What enrolled Unboring!Officiants are saying:

“My first Unboring!Officiant wedding was a HUGE success! There were lots of laughs, a few tears (thankfully none by me), and no mistakes. I owe all this to Mark. I was so confident with the script he provided that I was able to relax and have a lot of fun! Thank you, thank you, Mark!”

— Rebecca Thompson, First-Time Officiant


“I was terrified.... Unboring!Officiant changed my life.”

— Kathryn Rowan Lischerelli, Friend of the Couple, Newly-Professional Officiant

“Thank you SO much. I can't quite find the words to tell you how grateful to you I am. The course has truly been amazing. I have learned so much from you. I feel far more equipped and prepared to make my sister’s wedding the best ceremony ever!”

— Sophie Martin, Sister-of-the-Bride, First-Time Officiant

“I officiated my son's wedding last Friday, my first - but maybe not last. I had a blast. What a gift, not only to be there for the couple but also to be at my best in front of friends and family. Folks were blown away by the ceremony, I received so many compliments. Many have said it was the best wedding they have ever attended! So THANK YOU! Your training is excellent. Combined with your coaching it allowed me to create a great ceremony and more importantly walk in and deliver it with total confidence! The additional pro tips helped a lot as well. So many things that a novice would never consider until it was too late. Thanks again!”

— Doug King, Father-of-the-Bride, First-Time Officiant